Fold Forming with Hammers Workshop

Fold Formed cuffs ©2008

Fold Forming is a technique where sheet metal is folded, worked, and then unfolded.  Through this process, it is possible to quickly form the metal into gorgeous 3D shapes and textures.  In this workshop, students will learn some of the basic folds using hammers, a torch, and vises.  By the end of the day, each student will leave with at least one fold formed copper cuff and a variety of samples.

This is a very physical technique and you will get dirty!  Beginning jewelry and metalsmithing skills and a familiarity with using a torch are extremely helpful, but not required.

In this class we will focus on:

Line folds, T-folds, Wedge folds, and Boat folds

Student Work

Student Samples

Finished Student Cuffs

More Student Samples


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