My Work

Fold Formed cuff (worn) ©2011 brass

Metal.  To many it is hard, rigid, and immovable.  But metal flows, bends, and can be worked over and over again.  It is both industrial and organic.  Through processes such as fold forming, forging, and riveting, I am able to work with this dual nature, to connect with my materials.

These techniques have also allowed me to explore texture and pattern in new ways.  To bring more depth to my work, I use layers, folds, and textures on the metal.  Using rivets rather than soldering pieces together puts focus on the different parts that make up each piece.  They give a physical presence to the joining, a reminder that someone chose these parts to make a whole.

Wall Pieces | Collars | Bowls | Other Jewelry

Would you like to purchase my work? You can buy it online through my Etsy shop; in Doylestown, PA at the Michener Museum shop; or contact me via email.


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